Childvision – National Education Centre for Blind Children

Some of the services that are available and children in mainstream school can also avail of this service.

(a) Family Resource Centre (FRC)

Committed to highest calibre service provision, the Family Resource Centre (FRC) offers an extensive programme to young people with a visual impairment and their families.
The service is accessed through a yearly FRC Calendar hosting upwards of 35 events.
FRC service user groups comprise:

  • 0-3 Years Early Intervention
  • 3-6 years Preschoolers (including Mother and Toddler Groups)
  • 6-10 years Mid-Childhood Group
  • 10-18 years Young Participants
  • Generic Parents Groups

Contained within the above are young people with a sensory disability (V.I.) plus those with V.I. and additional disabilities (M.D.V.I) along with their families. We host a variety of events for families of these groups such as:

  • Short Course Programmes
  • Workshops
  • Training Days
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Information and Advice
  • Discussion groups
  • Evening Parent Training Courses
  • Residential Theme Weekends
  • Theme Saturdays for specific age groups and Summer Camps including Space Camp.
  • Through its on-campus and outreach service provision the FRC provides an inclusive, family focused approach that aims to meet individually tailored needs.

(b) Mobile Resource Unit

Childvision also organise a Mobile Resource Unit
The bus is specially equipped to provide information and practical demonstrations to children and parents countrywide about services and resources available to the blind, visually impaired and disabled.
Interested parties will be able to ‘come on board’ wherever the bus is located e.g. school, hospital, town centre and get one-to-one assistance with their particular needs.
The Mobile Resource Unit will offer professional advice on Early Intervention, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language, National Braille Production Centre and the Eye Clinic. There will also be the latest information on technology/adaptive software such as talking computers. It will provide a mobile link with local agencies, raise public awareness, and encourage pro-activity/ integration, support children, their families and friends
If you would like further information on the services of the Family Resource Centre (FRC) please contact us:
Tel: 01 8373635 
Fax: 01 8373884

(c) National Braille Production Centre

The National Braille Production Centre operates on campus. It was established to meet the needs of children with a visual impairment attending either mainstream or special education, to provide educational materials in a format that suits their requirements.
FÉACH, the National Parents Organisation was instrumental in setting up the service and plays a role in its growth and development, in partnership with Childvision.
The service aims to:
Provide access to educational materials, such as school texts and diagrams, articles and examination papers through a range of formats including Braille, large print, audio tape, computer disc and tactile diagrams.
Transcribe materials into an accessible format following recognised International and European guidelines.
Produce transcribed materials that meet individual needs and requirements, rather than offering only “off the shelf” solutions.
Provide a facility to transmit electronically, materials which have been developed at the Centre, so that they can be accessed by students at a distance.
The National Braille Production Centre is linked with universities, the IT industry and Braille Production Centres abroad to ensure the continual upgrading of services.
E-mail the Manager:

Check the website for more information and services