About Féach


Féach is a charity (RCN 20206606) which began life as a parents support organisation over 40 years ago.

     Why the need for Féach? Féach was set up as a support group for parents of blind and visually impaired children, however       because of shortcomings in the services available to children with low vision, it became apparent that parents, teachers, health care    workers and wider society needed more practical information, based on lived experience to create better outcomes for children with a visual impairment and vision loss.

Our Solution : We produce Guides for every stage in a visually impaired child’s life. We hold Webinars for parents, teachers, SNA’s,  and young people on various important stages in education, on technology and on trouble shooting. We create safe spaces for parents to meet and talk through our Peer-to-Peer Support group, our Family Information Day and our Private Facebook Page.

Our Impact: Féach has supported over 400 families in the last year. Over 250 people have attended our Webinars, 250 Guides are sent out annually. We successfully campaigned for free travel and companion passes for Blind and Visually Impaired children. We were instrumental in the setting up of the National Braille and Large Print Production Centre located in Childvision. We ensured blind and visually impaired students were entitled to summer provision from 2020 onwards.

Our Purpose

The main object for which Féach was established is the advancement of education and community welfare by seeking to create a more equitable society for Blind/Visually Impaired children in Ireland.  Féach do this by providing support to parents/guardians through peer-to-peer support, information sharing and advice on education supports, wellbeing & self-advocacy, also by advocating on behalf of parents/guardians of blind and vision impaired children, in order to bring about improved services, and better education and health supports.    


Listen here to Ian telling his story of of his daughters diagnosis

Through Peer Support, Information Sharing, Mentoring and Advocating – PIMA