Who Does What?

When your child is diagnosed as having a visual impairment there are a number of services that will support them. As new parents we all found it hard to understand who does what? We have laid out below some of the main organisations that may support your child at various times in their life, so you can understand who to contact and when. Remember if you are unsure drop us an email or put a query on our Facebook Group page and we will point you in the right direction

Vision Ireland (Formally NCBI) – VI Children and Young Persons Team

When you child is diagnosed as having a visual impairment, they will be entitled to support from Vision Irelands Children and Young Persons Team. This team will provide assessments and individualized intervention plans to help maximize your child’s potential. These are based on meeting the distinctive needs of visually impaired learners. Vision Ireland also hold workshops, webinars, children’s camps, and individual interventions throughout the year. Referral to Vision Ireland can be made by clinicians, family, or self-referral by ringing 1800 911 250

Visting Teacher Service for the Blind – VTVI will support your child in school

The NCSE’s Visiting Teachers (VTs) are qualified teachers who offer support to students who are blind/vision impaired from referral all the way through school. They will advise the school on how to support your child so that they can reach their potential and be fully integrated into school life. Support for babies and young children is usually provided in the home in collaboration with the parents.

Valid Conditions for Referral:

  • A best corrected visual acuity of 6/18 or worse in the better eye and/or
  • A deteriorating visual condition and/or
  • A significant visual field loss

Not Eligible for Referral:

  • Visual difficulties satisfactorily corrected by the wearing of spectacles and/or contact lenses
  • Visual Acuity better than 6/18
  • Monocular Vision where vision in one eye is better than 6/18
  • Colour Blindness without a Valid Condition for Referral

If your child meets the above criteria you can refer them yourself (Click here). Alternatively, the HSE, School, and NCBI may refer them. The form should be sent directly to the VTVI in your area

Child Vision

Child Vision – Are a national resource for families needing expert help in the area of visual impairment or visual impairment and/or additional disabilities. They will carry out an assessment of your child and recommend interventions that may be needed. They also offer a satellite service from their centre in Cork. ChildVision offer early year programs and preschool programs for children with VI living in the vicinity of Dublin and Cork and have an on-campus primary school for children with a visual impairment.

Click here for to self-refer

Support Agencies