Mum climbs Kilimanjaro for Féach

We are thrilled to announce that Eithne will be climbing Kilimanjaro in July to raise funds for Féach. 🏔🚀

We make every penny count towards the children and parents we do it for. Increased funding means we can expand our work, create more opportunities, and provide more resources. A big thank you to Eithne!

To donate, please click on the link in our bio or visit

According to Eithne, “Accessing education, independent travel, life skills all add an extra burden to families, there is no map to guide you. When your children are first diagnosed, it is really frightening. However, Féach through its services, provided us with a map, a map drawn by parents who had gone before us. Féach is a small charity that receives no government funding. It is parent led and parent driven.

I will be climbing Kilimanjaro in July. For me, it is a personal journey where I celebrate my children becoming young adults and the journey they took me on.