WEBINAR – Orientation and Mobility

WEBINAR – Orientation and Mobility
April 16th 8pm – Fiona Broadley and Lisa Priestley are O&M specialists in the UK and will explain what O&M is. They have 53 years experience between them on the area.
It is a fascinating topic that parents know little about. Everyone needs O&M, even without a visual impairment. We all learn how to cross a road safely, We all learn how to navigate a large shopping centre or car park, We all need to know how to find a bus stop, people with VI need these skills also to travel independently.
  • What is cane training?
  • Why does someone with a visual impairment need O&M?
  • Does a child need O&M?
  • What age should training start?
  • Does my child need a cane?
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