Parents, Opticians, Optometrists and Opthalmologists; did you know children under 12 with a high prescription are entitled to 50% refund on their glasses via the HSE?
The procedure is –
An optician needs to send the LOA/2 form, Cover letter  (Images below) with attached template and a copy of the prescription to the correct HSE contact in your HSE district.
A Purchase Order number and form (Image below) will be returned with the previous 3 documents once approved.
A refund can then be processed.
We urge all professionals and parents to inform each other of this scheme at appointments and pursue the refund. The HSE have changed which HSE districts are entitled and what “additional needs” are covered. It is worth applying even if previously refused. Some parents have won appeals based on the post code lottery and whether the child was under a public or private professional.