Feach Spring Newsletter 2021

In our strategy survey Education, Education and Education came up again and again as the most pressing issue. To this end we are in the process of producing guides in leaflet and video format to support parents at every stage in their child’s education.

In this issue

Credit Union Art Competition, Bookshare, Campabilities, Peer to Peer, Advocacy and More!

Laoise Patterson, one of our young members came second in her category in the National Credit Union Art competition final. The online event was watched by her whole school. Laoise loves everything creative, she enjoys art, cooking, writing and was happy to return to school in March and see all her friends again

FEACH LAUNCHES its new strategy INTO 2021 WITH A BANG


Our Guide for 0-3 years, a Transition from Pre-school to Primary, Guide for 3-6 years, Guide to Educational Support in School and Guide 6-9 years are all complete. Email feachmail@gmail.com  if you want copies of our leaflets.

Guide for Principal’s on how to Support Blind and Visually Impaired Students in School and Transition to Post Primary are currently in production so it is a busy and productive time.

A huge thank you to NCBI who stepped in last year and gave us a grant to get all this up and running. Through the grant we now have Niamh King working part time in her home office, we finally have the stability to initiate our new strategy and increase our reach to meet and support more parents.

Apart from Niamh, Féach is a totally voluntary organisation, with our new guide comes new costs, if you or your family wish to raise money for Féach to help us continue, please do.

NCBI Bookshare

Did you know you can get access to over 700,000 books via Bookshare Ireland – If your child has a visual impairment they are entitled to access all these books. Available in 6 different formats including Braille Ready format and audio this really is revolutionary.

Make sure you have Easy Reader installed on your device and you are good to go. There are 2 webinars on this month if you want to learn more, or otherwise just log straight into



Support Group with Fighting Blindness

Aoife Kearney continues to run our Peer to Peer support group. This meets on-line every second Thursday in the month from 8:00 – 9:00 pm. Feedback tells us parents are finding it a great support and a great way of chatting to others in similar situations. Contact kearnea@tcd.ie to book your place.


What we’ve done so far

Successfully campaigned to have all VI students included in July Provision for 2020 and 2021. We are currently working to ensure its availability in post Covid times.

25 Questions you had about the Visiting Teacher Service – We have been working closely with NCSE to complete this document. It will give huge clarity to parents on exactly who is responsible for what. Publication due early May.

We are in constant communication with politicians creating awareness for our cause, Ivana Batik, Thomas Pringle, Josepha Madigan and Aodhan O’Riordan have all responded favorable to our issues

Camp Abilities 2021 : Hope you are having a ball!

Did you know – an IEP is now an SSP?

Did you know – a resource teacher is now an SET?

Did you know – they used to think the world was Flat

Confused? All  you need to know Educational Supports made easy is coming – keep and eye on Féach Group Page