Féach is a Support Group for Parents of Blind and visually impaired Children

We need your feedback

Access to school books for Blind/Visually Impaired students in school

We need your feedback!


We believe that every child has a right to equal access to education. Access to textbooks and other learning materials is a basic and essential part of our children's learning. We need to know how your child can best access textbooks if we are to improve their availability. Unfortunately conversion to alternative formats such as Braille or large print is a time-consuming process requiring considerable resources. We need to know how your child's needs are currently being met and where any difficulties are. We are asking you to fill out this 20-minute survey to help us ensure that children with a visual impairment get equal access to education materials.

Is there anything that would help improve your child's access to educational materials in school? Let us know by filling out this survey. There will be an opportunity for you to add your own comments at the end. Please take the time to tell us what your child's needs are and help plan for the future.  Filling in this survey now will ensure your child has a voice, this is vital for their future.

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