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Top Software and Hardware Buys for Low Vision Customers

As we all know when making a big purchase within the technology sector the best thing to do is to get advise from someone who has previously purchased what we were looking to get!!  someone who has effectivly done all the leg work for us as buying anything in this area costs a lot of money so we really want to feel like we are getting the best  for the money we are spending.  

You dont want that feeling like when you go on holiday and someone has gotten the same deal as you for cheaper because they had time to do some research. 


Which is why i want to share this knowledge with you, this is information from a visually impaired student who has already done the extensive searching and research and has a large knowledge of what is the best hardware and software on the market!

Please find his recomendations below for those with low vision looking for new equipment.


Surface Pro 3
This is Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.  It's basically a fully fledged laptop in the form of a tablet.  For basic school work, the lowest end model would be fine, But i would recoment going with the 256GB / i5 / 8GB RAM model, as it should last through anything someone's child would want to do with it, even up to college (though odds are they'll be something much lighter/better out by then, etc.)
Note that it does NOT come with the keyboard. This needs to be bought separately, and is NOT cheap.
Next up is Dell's XPS 13. Very similar specs to the Surface (also touch screen), though quite a bit smaller, as they manage to cram a 13" screen into an absurdly small package. It would work out slightly cheaper than the Surface as you get a keyboard with this, given that it's just a bog-standard laptop (though a very thin, light one)
Lastly, Lenovo's Yoga 13 Pro. Similar to the XPS (though a bit bigger), except the laptop can fold right the way around, so you can basically use it as a tablet. Similar specs and price as before.


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