Féach is a Support Group for Parents of Blind and visually impaired Children

Open call for help from our Chairwoman

Hi All,
We have recently had a meeting regarding where to go from here - We are looking at the idea of becoming a registered Charity and employing someone on a part-time basis to run Feach.
Over the last 10 years the needs of our membership has changed. With the development of the dedicated child services section of NCBI and the increased opportunities provided for our kids through Vision Sports, Campabilities', Blind Tennis, Water sport Inclusion games etc. The skill and social needs of our children are finally being met by support agencies.
This leaves Feach with time to concentrate on other key areas affecting our children mainly:
  • Support to parents of newly diagnosed children
  • Advocating in the areas of education, sport, employment and equality
The current system of relaying on voluntary committee member does not give us the continuity to carryout the above roles effectively. Were we to become a charity and build a profile it would help in our advocating role. The recent changes in how the Department of Education is allocating resources has really affected students in Secondary school. Our powerlessness in this area has highlighted to us the need to increase our profile in order to become effective.
Where we to become a charity we would be entitled to apply for funding to employ someone on a part-time basis, this would give us the continuity we need to ensure Feach is fit for purpose and can do what we need it to do.
Now in order to do this we need expertise - we need to put a committee together to get this up and running. The existing committee are all on board but we need more people with relevant skills. Can you help?
We are looking for a time commitment of 2-3 hours a month until we are up and running.  A lot of this will involve on-line research and emailing each other as our membership is spread out all over the country. For those of you with young kids I would say one of the best ways to support your kids is to get involved, it helps give you a sense of control and gives them a great role model - the greatest gift to give your kid is the skill to self advocate, if they can let people know what they need, and if they fully understand that they have the right to equality, they will find it much easier to navigate this world as they get older.
On a personal note when I was first asked to help out with Feach - I thought what could I do that could be of any help, I was barley keeping my head above water. Yet it has turned out to be one of the most rewarding, eye opening, frustrating, fascinating experiences of my life and one that has opened many doors for me.
Its time now to move Feach on to the next stage for the next generation of young Blind/VI kids, your help is needed to do this. Please email me at ettiewalsh@eircom.net and we will start the ball rolling
Kind regards,


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