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The Big move from from Primary to Post Primary - A How To Guide

A Suggested IEP (Individualised Education Plan) from 3rd class – 6th in preparation for Transition to Post Primary school should concentrate on harnessing the following skills




Word – Creating and Managing Directories for each subject. Know how to create a table, use headers footers, use text boxes, name documents effectively, create an understandable naming system (Very important for Senior school as most work will be on computer, so effectively this becomes their copybooks)


PowerPoint – Creating a presentation, (Power point is often used in Senior School by teachers for their notes)


Email – Know how to send an email, attach something, set up a new contact, find a contact.


Digital Books – Know how to use a digital book, find a page, use the voice option, close a book properly, have 2 books open and switch between the 2.


  • Mobility/Life Skills


Know how to set up and tidy away laptop, move laptop from one room to another with wires etc. at a good speed.


Know coins, a quick way to recognise each coin how much things cost, how to differentiate between notes and check change. (This is literally practice, practice, practice. )


Navigate around a building – this can be done in a fun way with treasure hunts etc. But be able to follow a schedule of different rooms, find quick methods of recognising rooms that look the same i.e. are they numbered, named, colours of doors. Etc. Use a senior school time table and ask them to lead you through their day.


Role play answering questions regarding their needs, (I can’t see this) and fielding questions from people about their equipment, eyes etc.


  • Learning Skills


Learn through listening – Listen to a chapter and then summarise verbally, then move on to typing summary.


Extra time should be spent on laying out Maths problems, maths problems get very complicated in Senior school, layout is very important, this is a subject you cannot type in, so they have to learn to layout work effectively.


Project work – Choose  a subject they are interested in and combine all the skills together, finding information  on internet, summarising it, laying it out, compiling an index of reference sites, page numbers etc. If they are up to it, present it to the class. 


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