Féach is a Support Group for Parents of Blind and visually impaired Children

We are organising some social events for children to meet and make friends with other blind and visually impaired children.

IPAD Workshop

To all of you who made it to the Feach Family day on Saturday. It was great to meet you all and meet your kids. I hope you got what you needed, if you have any queries etc just let us know.

Conor Hartigan (Regional Assistive Technology Coordinator University of Limerick) said he will do a longer workshop with us on the Ipad and various software apps and technologies coming on stream. Things are changing and changing for the better, there is so much out there to make it easier for your kids.

Let me know if your interested and what part of the country you are in, and we will organise it. There is a few ways to contact us.

Via our Facebook page


Via our closed Facebook Group


Or you can e-mail us on feachmail@gmail.com



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