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iphone 4s cases black for sale

iphone 4s cases black mobile phone sleeve is made of luxurious leather vacuum imprint logo, be the same outside and inside quality, let the knowledge light feeling disappears, and Zoran tolerance, leading to the new elegant quality of life. Whole wrapping ultra-thin design, set in the iPhone, in the hand does not have the extra weight feeling, almost invisible in my pocket.
Product details:
Material and process
Mobile phone sets of materials show
Selected 100% quality South Korea head layer cowhide classic original, vertical open simple design, Italy handmade. Genuine leather color, color optional, enough for you to deal with various situations, different needs. Make you look quite strong when talking to a customer, not despise you.
Pliable than
Head layer cowhide unique texture and ductility, texture significant level
Peak force designers
New vertical open design concept, deductive low-key style, perfect interpretation of dermal specific, there are times the face value of luxury preferred. Answer the phone vertical open, more practical so simple, the most important is a out of the ordinary feelings.
Mobile phone sleeve style for the vertical.
The whole package, full protection, leather flexible and durable, the more you use the more significant quality, and definitely not for iPhone caused by wear, can effectively alleviate the impact of iphone.
Waterproof function
Not all of the mobile phone protective sleeve are waterproof, but the leather mobile phone sleeve has done.
Thin body
Have great originality of leather embossing, vertical design, use more convenient.
Refined oil edge technology
Simple gift box, use give very significant quality.
Mobile phone sleeve has the exquisite packaging
Product features:
1 the higher price
Leather products are often expensive, this product is practical, and to have the face, is not expensive.
2 scarce products
Iphone5 mobile phone sets of most of the market are PU, the publicity is the dermis are two layers of skin, there are few head layer skin people willing to take complex process of leather, so it has the unique value.